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Pioneering A Solution To Nigeria Agricultural Problems

Once upon a time before the discovery crude oil in Nigeria, our economy was striving well on the yield of its agricultural sector almost everything was affordable and we even had in abundance to export to other countries who were in need of our cash crop and food crops.
Now its opposite as we have moved from a producing nation to a consuming nation that depends solely on importation while we pursue oil money and collars jobs.The agricultural problem has developed into other sectors and it seems our economy has no future. There is a need for the private individuals to storm the agriculture sector to restore our nation yet overcoming all the barriers and challenges faced by our present farmer and create a free barrier entry for modern Agro Entrepreneurs to emerge. That call is the beginning of a revolution. “GREEN NATION”

Groundnut -42% Groundnut — 0%
Cocoa  —-   18% Cocoa  —-   0.4%
Palm oil  —- 27% Palm oil ——  4%
Cotton ——- 12% Cotton —– 0.3%

What is Green Nation ?

‘Green Nation & Valuechain Services Ltd is a private company with a vision to educate, train and mobilise ordinary people to become independent Agro Entrepreneurs.”

Its a Platform created to make individuals contribute to the revival of our Agricultural sector abandoned for oil wealth and the result as we can see made us depend on food importation to feed that equals billions of dollars going out !monthly when we have all we can to even be exporters and use the money to develop our self and nation at large.The platform is a system that will enable individual tap into the agricultural wealth eliminating all the barriers Such as education,finance,land ,machines etc One thing you should ask yourself do you care about this problem? If you care about the problem you should care about solving it and that is what this platform is offering

How Does It Work?

Green Nation works by combining the power of people and agriculture to cause a new revolution in Nigeria that will multiply our production, decrease our importation, increase our exportation and enrich the lives of participating individuals It’s a platform that created a fine blend of Agriculture and Networking which are the most powerful industry on planet earth in such a refined way that the only result that can only be achieved is success.


Enroll today and subscribe for your Agro business Training Plan and discover the Untapped potentials .


Educated people about this opportunities in Agriculture , its value chains & gains and how they can be part of it.


Success begins when you sign up three (3) people who joins your agribusiness information marketing team .


Create YOUR OWN product(s)/Service(s),Serve Nigeria and get ready to transfer wealth to your family next generation .


Note that the main reason for joining Green nation is to help put and end to the Nigerian agricultural epidemic which can only be done through adequate education. When you sign up this are the benefits that you are entitled to.


  1. On signup the company will educate you fully about the state of Nigeria agriculture sector, this exposes you to various value chains (downstreams), new modern agriculture tools & machines untapped by the average farmer.  This will go along way to show the problems the nigerian farmers are facing such as finance, land, crops & livestock disease epidemic, knowledge and more importantly how to overcome them.These trainings and events activities are to take place in various facility various location both local and international for maximum impact

  2. The Aim of the training is to disseminate various information that will make an individual see various reasons to invest in Agriculture at low scale or large scale in other for all to contribute their token to the total output to serve the ever consuming nation and how they can maximize their input to yield greater profit.

  3. The company is well established in partnership with other agricultural authorities in Nigeria such as Project Fix Nigeria, The Nigerian  Sheep and Goat development Association and others. This will enable even ordinary Nigerian have access to various facilities such as land, water bodies, endorsement, research facilities,loan free finance etc to make them the new generation farmers.

Actually the Sign fee is of two packages

₦ The Pre-project Plan cost ₦ 14,500 and Project Plan ₦ 50,000

To be realistic all this cost can do a little in helping to solve this problem for an average Nigerian cannot invest millions at a go and this has starred away so many who are interested into venturing into agriculture also getting loans is tedious in our economy nowadays.

The company decided to use the power of people, bringing people together in other to provide the adequate training and resources an individual needs to become profitable investors in agriculture and make the project succeed. This is what the wealthy people use to make more money for themselves and their company it’s time to take this to the average Nigerian and teach them this terminology to enable us create a new revolution starting with Agriculture.

This involves using the power of people, share your vision with like-minded people who might be interested in making Nigeria better, let them join you to benefit and they also do the same, doing this continuously will provide all resources and finance amazingly needed for each individual to achieve this agricultural revolution painlessly. 

 Some know this as OPM Other People’s Money, Team Work, Multi Level Marketing, Network Marketing, Referral. Whatever you know it as is not the issue but how well you see, understand and believe in its power. No one can succeed alone,m ake something work, get wealthy alone with his or her money or efforts. It has never happened and will never happen. All the wealthy people in this world are constitute of people remove the people and they will become nothing. If people didn’t talk about phones and computers to each other, Microsoft Billgate and Apple Steve Job would not be where they are today and won’t have more money to create better technology which inturns make life better for everyone one on the planet today.

Its nothing new its the power of referral and you do this daily unconsciously you refer people who need something to someone you know has it. Thus make the person richer while you get nothing in returns this time we will use the power of referral to make our lives better, restore Nigeria Agricultural sector and make this nation abundant once more.

    • This Project starts with a One Time 14,500 sign up fee, 13,200 is sent to your sponsor to support his/her project. ₦1,300  is sent to the company has administration fee for support & services.

  • Share the Vision with other 3 people who will take the same action has you did. Every other thing such as upgrades, qualified training, access to more privileges etc to next stage and the Project plan etc are automated.
  • This Continues after the Pre-Project Plan and people can also start here but we recommend with from Pre -Project.

Greennation Express Team

Joining us through the Express Team link only means you just signed up for success. Our Growth Mission
“To Educate and  multiply like the sand of the desert, the birds of the air, the plant of the earth and the water of the Ocean”



We are a team of expert in various fields of life yet dedicated to making  Nigeria work and we are addicted to educating various Nigerians all over the world wherever they are, we are set to reach out to them.

NOTE: Signing up means you will have access to information and some limited training  but growing your team by sharing means you will have access to unlimited resources, trainings, finance etc to put all your information to work and create abundant wealth for yourself and  the nation



The Express Team Encourage Everyone To Start with the affordable Pre-Project Plans ₦ 14,500 so signing and being part of this wonderful life changing opportunity won’t have to drag over so much expense debate.

This way we will give the people faith to start their Journey gradually with achievable rewards within their visible reach and as they progress  their belief system will be automatically modified to see the power of the green nation system and in turn they will voluntarily work to increase their earning thereby making green nation goal for us and Nigeria achievable.



We have various Online and Offline Marketing Experts dedicated to the creation of a universal spillover for a long term success of this project. All conversion using the express team registration link to cause a massive spill over. All financial aid by all members are added to our marketing budget we don’t deliver individual downline but all members who refer people personally can use their links to register downline but should not ignore contribution to the Express Team Marketing Budget the more budget the more viral we go and the more every team member succeeds. we plan to be the powerhouse to keep sharing this project everywhere on the internet, radio and television advert, organizing regional events to keep talking about Green Nation wherever we can find people.

Get Started With The Express Team

How to succeed in Life! “Grap and Opportunity and learn how to make it work”

Click the Link below if you have already gotten your registration Epin others wise follow the instructions below

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Step One

  1. Visit Green nation official website to learn more about The Greennation.
  2. Reach out to us via support for more details and concerns you may have.
  3. Attend any available online presentation, seminars or  events close to you
  4. If at any stage of the above 1,2,3 you are ready to grab this opportunity and join in this revolution follow the next steps .




ACCOUNT NO:  0090624239


08140001007  —OR —  08140001008

Step Two (2)

  • Pay a sum of   14,500 into the company accounts only PS: Do not make this payment into any body’s account
  • After payment send your payment details scanned teller,internet banking receipts etc to the company’s email  admin@greenannation.com.ng.
  • Call support and let them be aware of your payment usually  it takes a minimum of 12 hours for epin to be sent to your mail based on when payment is acknowledged.


Step Three (3)

  • When you receive Epin click the link this click  to register Express Team Link . Fill up all the details
  • Copy and paste your Epin has labeled in your email to the registration page and click the submit button to process registration
  • Congratulation you just joined the winning team
  • Send your full name, phone number, LGA and username to 2348135691160 we will use this to follow up with you and grow together.

Connect With The Express Team

Do you Have something on your mind or Need To Talk to someone?

We are here to help. You can also request a call by texting your name/location to 2348135691160


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